EP 59 - INSTRUMENTALS (03/29/23)

EP 59 - INSTRUMENTALS  (03/29/23)
Manny Pacheco's Forgotten Hollywood
EP 59 - INSTRUMENTALS (03/29/23)

Mar 28 2023 | 00:52:48

Episode 59 March 28, 2023 00:52:48

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Manny Pacheco Gary Lycan

Show Notes

Host Manny Pacheco brings back a lost genre of music compositions that was hugely popular for decades in the last half of the twentieth century. Instrumentals showcased the musicianship of talented background players, pop bands and symphonic orchestras. Many of these tunes ended up in iconic movies. And the best part... You did not have to remember any words. Just hum along!

Broadcaster Joe Lyons presents another Backlot report, with news and notes that reference Hollywood's past.

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