EP 07 - 20TH CENTURY FOX (03/30/22)

EP 07  -  20TH CENTURY FOX (03/30/22)
Manny Pacheco's Forgotten Hollywood
EP 07 - 20TH CENTURY FOX (03/30/22)

Mar 30 2022 | 00:48:36

Episode 7 March 30, 2022 00:48:36

Hosted By

Manny Pacheco Gary Lycan

Show Notes

On this episode. host Manny Pacheco offers a tour of the iconic 20th Century Fox. It is famous for showcasing the acting talents of Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda, Betty Grable, Tyrone Powers, Marilyn Monroe and motion picture compositions of the great Alfred Newman.

Award-winning journalist Gary Lycan presents his Backlot report, with current news and notes that reference Hollywood's past.

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