EP 53 - BEST PICTURE OSCAR (02/15/23)

EP 53 - BEST PICTURE OSCAR (02/15/23)
Manny Pacheco's Forgotten Hollywood
EP 53 - BEST PICTURE OSCAR (02/15/23)

Feb 14 2023 | 00:51:48

Episode 53 February 14, 2023 00:51:48

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Manny Pacheco Gary Lycan

Show Notes

We begin our second year of Forgotten Hollywood the way we started the whole thing... Looking at Academy Award winners. This time, we focus on the motion pictures that earned the top prize statuette. Great cinema... Great scores... and a wonderful nostalgic journey down memory lane.

Award-winning journalist Gary Lycan brings us another Backlot report, with news and notes that reference Hollywood's past.

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